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Last modified: September, 8, 2017


Our team welcomes you on the pandatracking.com website. To make our collaboration more comfortable for each other we are strongly recommend you to familiarize with our site’s usage Terms & Conditions that are represented below. Please be known that we are NOT the carriers and we do NOT making any delivery – we’re tracking website.


We want to inform that when you entering and start using our service – you automatically agree with this Terms & Conditions Statement and all of its materials. If you disagree with any thesis of this Statement – you should just stop using pandatracking.com website and leave it. These Terms are applicable for all the users of this web service.

Our content

All the couriers logo’s, company names, tracking results on this website are the property of this courier’s company. All the other content represented on pandatracking.com site is an intellectual property of pandatracking.com team. You’re NOT allowed to use it. To use any of this content you should contact the company (or our team) and get a permission for that. All of the content such as site’s name, domain, logo’s, website layout, site’s functional, tracking results representation, texts, Mod’s comments, feedback etc. is an unique creation of our team. Nobody is allowed to do any actions like copying, selling, stealing, imitating etc. with this content. Any of these actions are strongly PROHIBITED.

To have a permission to use any part of this content – you should contact us at info@pandatracking.com and get a written authorization from the site’s owner.

Termination & Ban list

We reserve the right of termination on our service. We hope that no any person will be banned at our site. To avoid this you should follow these easy rules, especially while you entering the help-discussion:



We CANNOT guarantee that all the info represented on the pandatracking.com website is absolutely correct, because the third person despite all of our security systems can break our site. You start using trackingpanda.com website on your own risk!

Our rights & changes

We can modify any part of Terms & Conditions in every moment without any prevention. In addition, we reserve the right to modify any part of this site at our discretion including radical changes without any announcing too. Every changes of the Terms & Conditions will be represented here.

Other website’s links

On our website you can find links to the other services and sites. We do NOT responsible for any info that posted there. We’re strongly recommend to read their Privacy policy and Terms of use before start using those links. Please be noticed that you start using that link on your own risk!


If you have any questions according this Terms & Conditions, please write us at info@pandatracking.com